Is Fresh Air Actually Good for Your Health

Since childhood, we have always been asked to go outside and get some fresh air. It is so common that it is almost part and rule of life. But sadly, this advice about the importance of fresh air has a little real effect. And we still forget the importance of pure air even during summer. There have been some studies regarding the same. In fact, average Americans spend most of their time in living rooms and offices. Getting out on the patio and having some fresh air is not routine for most of us. The outside time of children is coming down to extreme levels. Comparing today's figures to that of two decades ago reveals a surprising fact. Children spend seven more hours studying and two hours less on sports and outdoors every week. The following benefits of fresh air should act as a sort of stimulus for you to spend more time on your patio. Or better in a nearby park or playing field.

Enhanced Energy Levels

Few things can clear your lungs better than fresh air. Fresh air helps you to breathe deep and long. This result boosts the oxygen levels in the body's cells. These higher amounts of oxygen give people's energy levels a boost. It also serves to increase the clarity of your mind. This claim is backed by a 2010 study. The participants who spent some time outdoors felt happy and healthy. Try to make out some time in your schedule to spend some time in nature. If that means that you have to pay for assignment, it is still worthwhile.

Fresh Air Is Life Saving

Everybody must have learned about photosynthesis in school. Through this process, trees convert harmful carbon-dioxide into healthy oxygen. Oxygen is an absolute must for human beings. In fact, another study found that trees saved 850 lives. It also helped to prevent the symptoms of a whopping 670,000 cases of acute respiratory diseases. Trees help to reduce the air pollution. The research also found that trees are especially helpful in urban areas. In such regions pollution is higher more often.
Air pollution is a significant health hazard. If the air pollution levels are high, you might experience some significant health issues. This includes things like a burning sensation in the eyes, nose, and throat problems. High Pollution levels are particularly bad for people with asthma. It hinders their ability to breathe comfortably. Not only that, but polluted air also contains some highly toxic chemicals.
You will be well advised to try to breathe fresh air as much as possible. You can hire science homework writing services, and in the time you save, enjoy some fresh air. This will decrease the chances of you coming in contact with the toxic air pollutants.

Experience Better Digestion

Work or school often makes it difficult for you to take the time to get some fresh air. This is perhaps truer for people with jobs. At many times we see that workers don't even get 20 minutes to have a proper lunch. This might be the case due to workload or even general apathy towards health. Also, when people do have lunch, they have it in their work desks. This leads the blood supply away from the digestive system of your body. But a stroll in the greens during breaks not only gives you fresh air but helps to make you relaxed as well. This results in better food digestion.