The Prevalence of Smart Machines

A world characterized by the prevalence of smart machines and robots once seemed like a scene from a futuristic movie, but that day is already here. Scientists are working to pay someone to take online class for me reddit, and have already developed astonishing robots and technology. However, due to the rapid development of this technology, society has not stopped to consider the possible dangers that AI poses. Artificial intelligence will lead to the objectification of women and increased crimes against them, increased privacy breaches, profiling, and increased cyberattacks. The introduction of sex robots into society will lead to the objectification of the female body and also legitimize gruesome fantasies. Sex robots do not require consent, making it “an emotionless, guilt-free, abuse-promoting pathway to completely submissive sex on demand” (Sarich).

Cyborg sex promotes the idea that women are objects without real ideas or feelings. Men will grow accustomed to having a doll programmed to always be ready for sex, which promotes the belief that women should always be willing to please a man. Professor Kathleen Richardson launched a campaign against sex robots, believing that they “emerge out of commercial and illegal ideas about sex where you don’t have empathy for another” (Morris). Indeed, the use of sex robots will eradicate any emotion attached to sex, making women seem like sexual objects instead of sentient beings. The use of sex robots will also allow individuals to carry out rape or pedophilic fantasies. Some scientists argue that sex robots could be an outlet for pedophiles, however creating a machine for this purpose would serve to legitimize child abuse (Morris).

Simply making a sex doll that resembles a child is grotesque, and providing pedophiles with these dolls will reinforce the idea that there is nothing wrong with their sexual fantasies; this is likely to increase rape and pedophilic cases rather than provide an outlet for these criminals. Overall, sex robots pose a danger to society not only by objectifying women, but also by legitimizing illegal sexual fantasies such as rape. Artificial intelligence makes profiling and discrimination easier, and also subsequently robs individuals of their privacy. Despite centuries of fighting for equal rights, it seems like society is taking a step back in time where profiling and discrimination is becoming more common. Artificial intelligence can use information to working out how much should i pay someone to take my online class.....

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